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How to avoid workout injuries

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Working out and exercising is important in staying healthy and mobile as we age, but are there ways to avoid injuries from our workouts? Yes there are! Stretching, knowing your limits, and asking for help are a few things to keep in mind when starting or continuing your workout regimen. Harvard Health Publications wrote an article and gave a few good pointers that I want to share with you all.

Heidi Godman is the author of the article titled "Avoid Workout Injuries: Follow safe exercise guidelines today, so you can return to the gym tomorrow." (Click the article title to read the full article post) First off, start strong. Plan and execute your workout by finding the best exercise that fits your abilities. Knowing your limits and what you probably shouldn't do is key. Following a few basic guidelines for safe exercise will help avoid injuries as well:

- Start with a warmup.

- Learn the correct way to do your exercises.

- Boost your activity level gradually.

- Pay attention to your body.

- Stay hydrated while exercising, especially when its hot or humid.

- Call your doctor or 911.

The last thing is after the exercise. A lot of people do not like stretching or doing a cool down following an exercise, but this is helpful and can potentially lessen soreness the following day. Pay attention to your body. Muscle soreness the next couple of days after a workout is normal, but muscle soreness that persists longer is not. You should contact your doctor if you have persistent muscle soreness.

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