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Pediatric adjusting

I love adjusting babies! But why you ask, do babies need chiropractic care? A common misconception about chiropractic care is that you must have pain to see a chiropractor. It is widely advertised and talked about how chiropractors help with pain somewhere in the neck or back. Well, you don't have to have pain to get adjusted! Checking the alignment of a baby's spine and correcting any misalignments found will ultimately allow the baby to grow and develop with zero interference to it's nervous system.

Don't worry though, adjusting a newborn baby or even a 1 year old is completely different from an adult adjustment. Correcting a misalignment to the spine of a baby requires very little pressure at all. Lightly press your index finger onto the back of your other hand until the nail bed turns white. This is typically how much pressure I use to adjustment the little spines of the world.

Look out for more blog posts with research about pediatric adjusting! In the meantime, schedule an appointment to get your baby checked by Dr. Erdmann!

Dr. Erdmann adjusting a new born baby under 1 month old.

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