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Cancer Fundraiser

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

I am a part of a mountain biking team called Big Pig Racing. A cause very near and dear to our hearts, as a team and as individuals, is supporting people who have been affected by cancer. The team started a non-profit organization called Big Pig Cancer Foundation and every year we hold a very important fundraiser. The Ray Porter Memorial Race is a 6 hour endurance race where all proceeds from the event go to local families in the DFW area, as well as cancer research. This year the event is February 25th, at Tyler State Park.

I will be attending this event to provide support to the racers participating in this amazing event. I will have a tent where I will offer myofascial relief and tapping to those who need it. Come out and experience this awesome event! Share it with your friends and family! If you want to show support yourself, donate to this great cause so we can help out more families.

"Our Mission is to support affected DFW families in the mountain bike community as well as cancer research programs directly focused on finding a cure. " - Big Pig Cancer Foundation

Ray Porter Memorial Race event picture

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