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Fear of the Neck Adjustment

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Do you have a fear of getting your neck adjusted? There is an explanation for that and I can give some insight. I have heard it many times now, "I don't want you to break my neck." Trust me when I say I am not strong enough to do that. A neck adjustment is a very specific, low force, high amplitude thrust. Adjusting the neck does not require a lot of power. Once the setup is complete, it only takes the tiniest amount of force to make the bone move. Sometimes there can be a small amount of pain that last seconds if you tighten your muscles at the last minute. During your first adjustment I like to explain everything I do, before I do it. I have been told it is comforting and helpful when the patient knows what is going on before it happens. With all that said, if you are still fearful of getting your neck adjusted there are ways around it. Instead of a manual adjustment on the neck we can use the activator until you are more comfortable with the process.

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