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CrossFit | The Missing Link

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

If you are a CrossFit athlete like me, we work on our weaknesses, devote time to skill work, foam roll achy muscles, and even plan our nutrition to the ‘T’. However, one of the most important aspects to our routine is missing – the treatment and care of our bodies! We recover and repair our muscles, but did you think about the spine, joints, and nerves that connect to and supply those muscles?

Most of my fellow CrossFit junkies do everything they possibly can to PR, get the big lifts, and finish on top of the leader board. They continue their fool-proof routine until one day, it fails them. They can no longer get a PR, the big lifts become elusive, and their times begin to slip lower and lower. They wonder what changed and why their routine isn't working. Well, they forgot about taking care of their spine and nerves. A CrossFit athlete's muscles get a ton of attention with stretching and foam rolling, but the joints of the spine and extremities get ignored. I know what you're thinking. "What do joints of the spine and extremities have to do with lifting big and running through a workout fast?" Let me break it down for you into a couple bullet points:

  • The bones of our spine, called vertebrae, protect both the nerves exiting the spinal cord and the spinal cord itself. The joints of the extremities protect the nerves as they travel down to our fingers and toes.

  • Through training, everyday life, trauma and other activities, the vertebrae may become restricted or subluxated (partially dislocated), resulting in increased stress on the surrounding nerves, leading to pain and possibly injury. This may cost the body reaction time and efficiency. Fractions of a second may mean the difference between success and failure of a lift.

  • To avoid poor performance and injury, an athlete must address the joints, nerves, and muscles that are utilized.

  • Regular chiropractic adjustments ensure that the vertebrae are aligned, the body is balanced and the muscles are correctly firing so that athletes maintain and sustain optimal performance.

If you still have questions or concerns, ask me! Come see me and we can talk about how to better your routine and Adjust Your Fitness.

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